Keep it local – Why an indigenous garden might be just what you want

If you’re planning a new garden (or revitalising your current one), so many choices lie before you when it comes to theme and design. What kind of garden look do you want? What about maintenance? Or longevity? It all depends on your desired feel and budget.

Want to go the indigenous route rather than importing a look from elsewhere?

The term “indigenous” refers to plants that occur naturally in an area, for example, Milkwood and Wild Olive trees are indigenous to South Africa while the Fever tree is indigenous to the KZN coast. While some may think of an indigenous garden as harsh and bland, the opposite is true! South Africa boasts a wide range of beautiful local plants species guaranteed to make your indigenous garden bloom.

And there are so many other benefits! Unlike its exotic counterpart, an indigenous garden is:

1. Good for the environment: Using what your environment has to offer is kinder to the natural world than importing exotic plants. This kind of garden supports a natural ecosystem, encourages biodiversity, and allows local plant, bird, and butterfly life to thrive, ensuring a beautiful outdoor scene.

2. A water wise choice: Indigenous plants are used to harsh, sandy conditions and therefore use less water than exotic ones. This is a major plus for cost-saving and especially important in KZN’s frequent drought conditions.

3. Low maintenance: Perfect for those individuals who are pressed for time, an indigenous garden requires much less input than an exotic one. All that really needs to be done on a regular basis is to ensure the vegetation is pest-free and lightly pruned, the soil is well-mulched, and that they are properly fertilised. The rest will take care of itself!

4. On trend: If you like to keep up to speed with the latest trends in home and garden design, an indigenous garden is just the thing. With encouragement from local authorities, serious gardeners are engaging in indigenous garden projects, excited by the challenge of an outdoor space far removed from their mother’s English rose garden.

Did you know? Table Mountain alone has more plant species than the whole British Isles or New Zealand! When it comes to indigenous plant life, South Africa has so much to offer and creating an indigenous garden may be easier and more fulfilling than you think.

See some of our beautiful garden work here, talk to us, and be inspired!