Five design ideas to get your vertical garden started

With more options than traditional in-the- ground gardens, vertical gardens involve creatively growing plants on a structure, using both the vertical and horizontal visual planes. Water wise, low maintenance, and beautiful vertical gardens are great for transforming small spaces or empty outdoor zones. All you need is a blank wall or bare fence and some creative planning.

Here are 5 creative design ideas to get your vertical garden up and blooming…

1. Pockets of possibility: Attach individual or grouped pockets of plants to the wall using metal hooks or grommets. The result? Instant beauty on a previously blank canvas. Want a more streamlined, modern look? Go for our revolutionary automated modular system.

2. First impressions: If your garden has an entrance gate, use that as a frame for your vertical garden, either hanging it off the door or working around the space to create a beautiful pergola effect.

3. Pots galore: Place potted plants on a free-standing vertical garden fence or hang them in terracotta pots or metal buckets on a wall for a vertical garden that can be changed around as soon as you get bored of the look and feel.

4. Let it all hang out: Planters made of evenly spaced planks with rope handles are easy to display, can accommodate a variety of different plants, and can be moved relatively easily.

5. Gutter garden: Use old, repainted rain water gutters, properly spaced and hung, to make a vertical garden sure to be a talking point amongst your next set of guests. They are like window boxes, only better!

Once you know what your vertical garden will look like, make sure you consider the following before installation: location of the garden (take into account sunlight hours and space constraints), most suitable type of plant (depending on the style of your garden and its location), and the level of maintenance you want to invest in this garden on a regular basis.

Still not sure? Hire a helping hand!

Maybe you have great ideas but not much gardening knowledge? Or gardening experience but no time to put your vision into action? The Eco balance team can help you quickly and easily install and maintain your vertical garden.

Want to know more? Contact us to discuss your vertical garden today.