Garden Service or Landscaper – which one does your garden need?

Even if you’re a seasoned gardener, creating and maintaining a beautiful garden can be a daunting task and there will be times you need professional help. You might consider hiring a garden service or landscaper. Both these professionals will have horticultural knowledge and be involved in creating and maintaining functional, beautiful outdoor spaces but they have their differences.

Are you not sure whether you need the help of a garden service or landscaper? 

Based on the Dutch word for paintings of scenery, ‘landschap’, landscaping refers to a visual image of an outdoor scene or space. It involves conceptualising an outdoor space and then altering the natural environment to create it. This is done with vegetation, plants, and flora, as well as outdoor furniture and elements such as water features, paving, and fences. Landscapers tend to have a strong background in design and outdoor building work. 

A garden service can offer design ideas or implement the construction of a new garden space but, for the most part, they focus on plants and the maintenance of the natural environment. A strong knowledge of plant life (health, needs, strengths and weaknesses) is essential to an effective garden service as they will spend the majority of their time cultivating and caring for plants and flora within an outdoor space.

Landscapers may be involved in maintenance after the completion of their design project but this is most often on an ad-hoc basis while garden services tend to focus on regular maintenance tasks that garden owners are not able or willing to do. These tasks could be as basic as grass cutting or hedge trimming (which owners might find time consuming or strenuous).

Whether you’ve inherited a garden or have an outdoor space that needs work, you may need either or both of these professionals at some point in your gardening journey. 

A word of warning – Before hiring a company to work on your garden, it is important to make sure they have the expertise to do so. At Eco Balance, we offer the full spectrum of professional gardening services, from design to maintenance, to water-wise solutions.

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