Bring Love To Your Garden. Make it Eco Balanced.


Since its inception, Eco Balance Landscapes has been a creative landscaping company that focuses on designing unique landscapes for residential and corporate clients in and around the Kwazulu Natal North Coast.

From fabulous residential gardens to spaces designed to add value to commercial properties, our landscapes reflect our clients’ style while supporting the local environment. The result? We help our clients live in harmony with nature by creating beautiful garden environments that will delight any visitor while reflecting a variety of water-wise, indigenous choices.


professional garden maintenance Plans

Find out about our organisation, mission,  methods, and the results of our dedication to indigenous plant life.

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Landscaping design For Your GARDEN

Design your new landscape with your vision in mind. We'll create a design that's unique and affordable to maintain.

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Design a corporate garden that will enhance your employees' working environment and inspire your visitors. 

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Plant of the Month

Cotyledon Obiculata.JPG

This month's plant of the month is the

Cotyledon orbiculata

This is a plant for all areas – a pot on the veranda hanging basket in the garden, sunny spot or shade.  Displays beautifully with its large round leaves also called ‘pig’s ears’ because of the red rim around the edge of the leaf.  Attracts birds and bees.

An absolute statement plant for any water wise garden, beautiful round pink edged, green sometimes green-greyish leaves pick up any area they are planted in, whether it be a pot on your patio or into a rockery succulent garden or just popped into your garden bed.  To top it off it gets a beautiful pinkish tubular flower off a long stem.