Garden maintenance of every and any garden is the most important discipline that ensures your landscape investment flourishes.

New generation garden maintenance practices adopted by the Eco Balance garden maintenance teams are aimed at guiding the landscape to maturity in a sustainable fashion.

  • No more harmful, extremely poisonous chemicals – rather natural or friendly types of chemicals.
  • Generous application of mulch to reduce evaporation and discourage weed growth.
  • Corrective pruning of shrubs to allow light and space for under planting to flourish.

Comercial Garden Maintenance


Domestic Garden Maintenance

Professional & pleasant. Cleared cuttings all the time so no disruption or debris around and they took vines away so the cutting areas were neat. The staff were extremely pleasant. After leaving, our home looked perfect! Not a leaf out of place.
— Mrs Manse

A well maintained garden grows and increases in value with time. Protect your investment with a professional garden maintenance plan.