5 corporate garden maintenance tips to help your office garden grow


As a concerned employer, you take action to make sure your employees are happy and healthy. Chances are you understand the importance of having an outdoor space that gives the people that work for you a much needed time out and increases their happiness and productivity levels.

Are you reaping the benefits of a recently installed office garden? Or have you just revitalised a previously neglected space? Good for you (and your employees)! Now, it’s time to take your office garden to the next level – so that it flourishes and does the job it was designed to do.

Here are 5 quick tips to help your office garden grow more beautifully every day:

1. Stop the invasion

Large, fast-growing plants with spreading roots (especially if they’re not indigenous) can overtake others in a garden. If you’re working on a new section of your garden, an easy way to take control of what grows where is to ensure the actual pot is planted in the ground alongside other plants. First, remove the plastic bottom from the pot by cutting it with gardening scissors. Next, plant the entire pot with the plant in the ground. This will help contain the invasive plant roots and keep things tidy. 

2. Protect your yield

Does your office garden include a veggie patch or do you have a row of fruit trees that actually give your employees fresh fruit to pick? One of the biggest enemies of a successful garden is unwanted animal life – think monkeys and birds who can take apart your fresh food garden in no time at all. Place netting (the mesh bag that comes with your fruit is a good option) over the flowering plants or use a garden structure to block access to your herbs, veggies, and other edible treats. With little to no interruption, your garden will flourish.

3. Salt things up a bit

Most of us have Epsom salts in our medicine cabinet but did you know they’re brilliant for your garden as well? First off, they contain high levels of magnesium and sulphate – excellent nourishment for plants! Simply mix two tablespoons into the water in a watering can for when you (or your employees or gardener) water the plants twice a month. You can also scatter it into your garden’s soil to help seeds germinate better. And it’s grow time!

4. Get your team involved

Everyone is busy and your people might not have time to get their hands dirty every day but it is important to encourage them to spend some time caring for the office garden. Besides the numerous health and wellbeing benefits (including increased calm and productivity), caring for a garden brings with it a sense of ownership and commitment. The more people commit to caring for the office garden, the more likely it is to thrive. This is easier to achieve with a vertical or indoor garden (as employees might feel these are more manageable) but it can be done with bigger outdoor spaces as well. Time for everyone to pitch in!

5. Get professional help

While you and your employees might enjoy your office garden, you probably don’t have enough time to consistently dedicate to its maintenance and growth. That’s why you will save time and money by hiring an expert team to take care of your daily gardening needs, leaving your employees free to enjoy their garden when it best suits them. An expert team like the one at Eco Balance will make sure your office garden is well cared for and relevant to your organisation’s needs. We can help maintain it over time and it won’t cost as much as you think!

Outdoors or indoors, indigenous or vertical, an office garden can give you so much as long as you nurture and develop it as responsibly and extensively as possible. At Eco Balance, we can help you do just that!

Chat to us about your vision and needs for your office garden and we’ll make them into a beautiful reality.