Want an eco-friendly corporate garden? Make one of these changes today.

If it’s as stunning as it should be, your corporate garden is your employees’ place of relaxation – a place where they can take a breather or feel inspired. It is also the perfect way to engage with the natural world without having to stray too far from the office. So, why not make it even better and go ‘green’?

A major lifestyle trend, an eco-friendly garden is kinder to the environment and more sustainable in the long run than a garden that doesn’t take into account the needs of the natural world.

Three changes to make your corporate garden an even better place:

1. Change the style and layout of your corporate garden.

Once you’ve decided to go green, a garden makeover might be just what your office garden needs. Revitalise it, replace it with a vertical garden, or go local and embark on a water-wise indigenous landscape.

2. Encourage bird life.

Just because your garden is part of a work environment, it doesn’t have to be wildlife-free. Quite the opposite. Birds are natural garden protectors (ridding the area of snails and other pests, and removing weeds, all without nasty pesticides). They can encourage plant growth and the biodiversity necessary for a healthy outdoor space. Attract different types of birds to the garden by using bird feeders and nesting boxes. 

3. Introduce more than one type of garden in the same space.

Start with companion gardening – this method involves pairing plants in such a way that they complement each other’s growth and wellbeing. Tall plants, for example, can provide shade for shorter, newly developing plants. Or you can introduce two different types of garden into one (think vegetable patch and flower garden). This will allow you to provide your employees with different types of gardening experiences. Not sure where to start? Hire a professional landscaping company to help you put together the perfect combinations.

Your garden does so much for your employees’ state of mind and health, why not give back to Mother Nature with an eco-friendly garden that delights your employees while going the extra mile?

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