Update your garden with these hot trends from Chelsea

The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest and most respected gardening and flower shows in the world. Every year, the innovative displays and exciting new trends provide inspiration to gardeners and plant lovers worldwide.

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Gardening trends from the Chelsea Flower Show

1. Bronze is big this year

Bronze and copper tones (think garden ornaments, large pots, sculptures, and outdoor furniture) complement the natural greenery of a garden. Copper has a warm look, bringing life to your garden. Use it to create eye-catching ‘moments’ down your garden’s pathways.

2. A whole new take on sculptures

It’s time to rethink garden décor. It doesn’t have to be outdated or vintage. Replace small, bitty ornaments or dated stone statues with large-scale installations or one or two pieces of wooden or bronze garden art. For a corporate garden, introducing a set of figures or art that represents your organisation into your outdoor space can have a strong effect on visitors – they can also be used for educative purposes.

3. Wood and stone are a great combination

Many of the displays at Chelsea showed large wooden structures and strategically placed boulders. The combination of hard and irregular lines, as well as a natural feel can provide your garden with some much-needed structure, boundaries, and natural pause areas. These materials are also great textures for gardeners to work with.

4. Arid planting that’s pleasing on the eye

Also known as arid planting, water-wise gardens are a must for those environmentally-conscious gardeners. For big organisations, they can be an important part of their social responsibility initiative – creating a garden that brings benefits to employees without placing unnecessary strain on the environment. Go local with an indigenous garden that’s water wise too. They’re also easier to maintain than lush gardens and can look great – think rocky soil and brightly coloured cactuses.

5. Plants as food

Edible gardens have been on trend for a while now. This year, we see edible plants and flowers moving back into flower beds and garden spaces (amongst decorative plants and bushes) rather than being a separate bed or section. This trend gives your garden multiple uses as a decorative space and vegetable patch. At home, you’ll get fresh veggies right on your doorstep. At work, a vegetable garden can be used as a team project, while also providing staff with fresh produce.

A beautiful garden has the ability to relax, energise, and inspire its visitors, especially if it is well-maintained and undergoes changes over time.

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