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Courtyards of any nature bring nature inside.  These areas are seen every day and they are an intimate  living space . Courtyard design is very varied and relates to what the courtyard is going to be used for and what areas of the home it impacts . Courtyards can be just plane paved areas with some simple pots or they can be a combination of both paving and or pavers and planting . Water features are a very welcome element to courtyards .

The garden maintenance of a courtyard is extremely important as the last thing you want in your home is a dishevelled poor looking garden right where you are every day .

Keeping the design of your courtyard up to date is something to consider and a few courtyard garden upgrades will be needed every so often . For example replace an old fashioned looking water feature to a more updated type water feature . Remove some of the old coastal type plants and replace them with lovely and hardy indigenous plants .

A courtyard redesign is a great project to tackle before the Easter or July holidays. Get your courtyard looking gorgeous before all your upcountry family arrive !

For more information, listen to our radio interview on Life & Style Radio about Courtyard Gardens: 



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A well maintained garden grows and increases in value with time. Protect your investment with a professional garden maintenance plan.