Verge Garden Makeover - First Impressions Count


When was the last time you really noticed your verge garden? As we drive past it regularly a few times a day, in and out of our driveways, it is easy to stop noticing it and allow it to become cluttered and overgrown. The verge garden however leaves a “first impression” to visitors or passers-by which cannot be undone. A cluttered, overgrown verge detracts from the beauty of the home and its perceived value.  It should thus always be presentable and well-maintained. 

In this garden makeover, the verge was uppermost in the mind of the owner as needing a revamp, in keeping with the rest of the garden makeover design. It hadn’t been changed in many years and it became the final resting place of every “left-over” plant. The result was an enormous mixture of different plants, with no theme, with a very old-fashioned “coastal-garden” look. It also lacked any form of design.

San Lorenzo Verge Garden Makeover Before

A verge garden is not without its challenges. The two most common challenges are:

  • As verge gardens are usually alongside tar, the reflection of the heat from the tar means water-wise plants needed

  • The placement of unsightly but regulated installations such as fire hydrants need to be taken into account.

 To overcome the first challenge, we planned a mixture of wild grasses, aloes and succulents. These water-wise plants will fare in the heat that radiates from the tar during the very hot summer months.

 To overcome the second challenge, we planted taller growing grasses around the fire-hydrants and brightly painted water points, and as they mature and thicken they will cover up the municipal regulation installations.

Click each image to view the new garden:

The new verge is now low-maintenance, water wise and also soft and flowing to the eye.

Have a look at our before and after videos for your own garden makeover inspiration, of call us for a garden visit to discuss how we could be of help.

Eco Balance Landscaping Verge Garden Makeover