5 questions to ask before hiring a landscaper for your new project

Your new building project is underway and you’re looking for a landscaper to add that perfect bit of green to the indoor space or transform the outdoor area into a beautiful garden. Before you go ahead and hire the first landscaper you meet, think about what you want and need from your landscaper. Not all providers will be able to transform your vision for your outdoor space into a reality or offer you workable solutions for a difficult corporate interior.

Here are 5 questions you should ask a new landscaper before taking them on

1. What’s your level of experience?

Professional landscapers are not solely gardeners. They should be able to advise you on the best design, including tree and plant varieties, for your landscape as well as be knowledgeable about current gardening trends such as water wise practices and the benefits of indigenous spaces. Take time to check out their credentials, years in the business, and expertise to ensure you get the best possible service and products.

2. Are you a full service company?

Some landscapers only do lawns or install outdoor gardens from a standard design. If you need something different like an indoor vertical garden or are looking to overhaul an outdated garden plan with fresh ideas, you might be disappointed when the landscaper can’t deliver.

3. What exactly is included in your proposal?

Look beyond the quoted estimate to the details of the proposal – does it include on-site experts, who is in charge of garden refuse, are there any extra costs, what about over-time? Many factors can have an effect on the final cost and delivery of your project. Make sure you know what you signed up for, from design to installation.

4. How long will this project take?

Designing and installing a landscape depends on factors like size, availability of product, number of staff, and weather conditions. Even though there might be unforeseen setbacks, it’s important to get an idea of the timeline as this will help you to plan ahead with the completion of the bigger project as well as avoid the frustration of uncertainty.  

5. Do you offer maintenance services?

The same goes for once-off versus maintenance services. Know what you need – is this a once-off project (and you’ll handle all the ongoing maintenance yourself?) or does the landscaper offer maintenance contracts for long-term care? And, if you do decide to go with expert help in the long-term, don’t forget to find out exactly what is included in this contract.

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