Time to revamp your office landscape? Here are three great design ideas.

Whether the look of your office park is dated or you just think it’s time, revamping your office landscape has a number of benefits – not least being an increase in employee happiness that comes with a corporate garden. 

At Ecobalance, we love seeing a garden undergo a transformation into a better, more beautiful space – that’s why we dedicated quite a few blogs to gardening, gardening trends, and renovation ideas. But there’s always more to share!

Here are three great garden design ideas that will inspire your office landscaping:

1. Get growing

Make your office garden about more than beautiful scenery and serene outlooks. A carefully planned and well-maintained vegetable garden can have so many benefits for employees and tenants – let them grow their own food, spend time engaging with the natural world, or use the garden as team building initiative.

2. Splurge on experience

Research shows that being outside in a beautiful garden has numerous health and wellness benefits, including an increase in feelings of happiness and calm. You can help to foster this kind of environment by including calm zones or pause areas in which people can take the time to enjoy and appreciate the garden surrounding them, even if it is only for a few minutes. Or you could go bigger – focus on the experience of the people who work in and visit your office park – would they enjoy an outside cooking / eating area? Or a Zen space? What about a fire pit around which everyone can gather for Friday afternoon sundowners? What kind of activity (and related resources) would help you to turn the landscape into an experience?

3. Light things up

From spots to fairy lights, lighting can make all the difference to an outdoor space. Clever lighting can brighten up an area as well as being an eye-catching feature. For an office landscape, lighting can be used to catch attention, create a stunning façade, or simply provide light on the path for those working late. Decorative LED lighting means a high quality experience and fewer long-term maintenance costs. A quick tip - set your lighting scheme using softer tones to highlight different plant materials, such as deepening the colour of a cedar with blue/green coloured lights.

Hiring professional help can help you in putting these ideas (and many more!) into practice. As experts in commercial gardening, we love the challenge of revitalising a tired garden space.

ensure sure that your office landscaping makes an impactful customer experience.