Garden Ideas: Paving Smaller Landscapes

Prudent Paving Pays Off

The emphasis on hardscaping in a townhouse garden cannot be underestimated, paving, water features, gravel, decorative pebbles and pathways play a much bigger role in small spaces and need to be carefully considered when bringing them into the garden.  

Many townhouses have been constructed with the emphasis on straight lines and sharp angles.  If your garden is small it will probably also reflect these lines, but you can soften the harshness of sharp edges with colour and texture and varying heights to draw the eye away from the straight lines. Stick to one design style for your garden that compliments the architecture of the home and also your personal taste.

Your landscape will take time to develop, sometimes two or three seasons, be patient and nurture your garden.  As it becomes established, you will love and enjoy your landscape journey as you watch your garden evolve and compliment your home.