Vertical Gardens

We strive to create enjoyable environments for living and working. Have a limited space but still want a garden? A vertical garden utilises a structured frame to bring the pleasures of a living garden into a limited or indoor space, such as a veranda or open plan office.

Our vertical gardens can be installed quickly and effortlessly with a pre-engineered irrigation system that allows for easy and reliable irrigation, taking away the need to design new systems for every project. Smart sensor technology monitors the system and ensures correct functioning at all times while the garden is connected to a central server and web-based management platform, allowing clients to remotely manage their gardens with ease.


  • Suitable for indoor application such as a commercial space
  • Full plant coverage on day one
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automated system that can be managed remotely
  • Environmentally friendly: water-wise, filters the air, softens ambient noise
  • Full maintenance contract available

enhance your living space by installing a vertical garden.