Professional Garden Maintenance Plan

Garden maintenance is an important part of being able to sport a lovely garden. When it comes to residential gardens, most gardeners enjoy the time they spend working outdoors but there comes a point when garden tasks become overwhelming. The solution? Hire a professional garden maintenance service. Our team offers the best possible service for homeowners who work hard and don’t have the time to keep their garden in tip top shape.

Developing or maintaining a commercial property? A professional garden maintenance team will ensure your landscape always looks top notch. With our expertise and experience, we help property developers and owners create landscapes that maximise any working space. The result? Increased curb appeal and happy buyers and tenants.


  • No more costly gardening mistakes such as over fertilising, pruning too low, mowing too low, pulling out flowers, etc.
  • Little disruption to your privacy and home time as those in the know get the job done without fuss.
  • No wasted time or money on a helper that needs constant direction.
  • Proactive preparation for the season‘s garden challenges, preventing expensive damage.
  • Knowledge of plant varieties and growth ensures correct handling of the plants to ensure maximum enjoyment.
Eco Balance Landscapes are very professional and always go the extra mile.
— Ingrid

A well maintained garden grows and increases in value with time. Protect your investment with a professional garden maintenance plan.