We get a lot of call for these bestsellers because they are “the flowering workhorses of the garden”.
They are all indigenous, all water-wise and even if you have no green-fingers, you can’t go wrong with these.
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Pentas lanceolata.JPG

Pentas lanceolate (2L bag)

When you google these plants they are described as the flowering workhorses of the garden.

Attracting butterflies, birds and bees.  Make beautiful container plants adding a pop of color.  They also do very well in hot climates like KZN coastal.

PRICE: R19.95

Portulacaria arfra prostrata.JPG

Portulacaria afra prostrata

(2L bag)

Unlike its tall cousin Portulacaria afra, this is a hardy tough sprawling ground cover, great for water wise gardens.  Its leaves can be added to a salad for a bit of a sour tang.

PRICE: R19.95

Crassula ovata.JPG

Crassula ovata (3L bag)

This is the queen of all succulents, grows easily in the garden and also looks beautiful in containers.

PRICE: R25.00

Delapserma herbeum.JPG

Delosperma cooperi (1L bag)

This is the most under rated little succulent.  Its brilliant green leaves and pretty tiny white/pink/yellow or peach color flowers light up any corner of the garden.  It is able to grow in semi shade – beautifully and in the full sun.  It is a good ground cover filling every bit of soil it’s planted into.

PRICE: R10.95

Gazania uniflora.JPG

Gazania uniflora (grey) (1L bag)

Beautiful, no fuss ground cover that edges garden beds and the grey leaf color contrasts so well with the green of the lawn or edge of the driveway.  These drought tolerant plants also come in a variety of colors.  Very economical plant.

PRICE: R10.95

Thorncroftia longflora.JPG

Thorncroftia longiflora (5L bag)

Possibly one of the easiest plants to grow and propagate.  They don’t have many pests and are resilient to fungus; this may be due to their sage like fragrance leaves.  Looks stunning in a succulent rock garden.  Thorncroftia is endemic to South Africa.

PRICE: R36.00

Kalankoe sexangularis.JPG

Kalanchoe sexangularis (2L bag)

This plant is a hardy succulent that brings colour  to the garden with its wine red leaves.  Planted into a semi shaded area, the leaves will be greener in full sun however they will be a beautiful wine red color.  A good specimen for any rock garden.

PRICE: R19.95

Cotyledon obiculata.JPG

Cotyledon orbiculata

(2L bags)

This is a plant for all areas – a pot on the veranda hanging basket in the garden, sunny spot or shade.  Displays beautifully with its large round leaves also called ‘pig’s ears’ because of the red rim around the edge of the leaf.  Attracts birds and bees.

An absolute statement plant for any water wise garden, beautiful round pink edged, green sometimes green-greyish leaves pick up any area they are planted in, whether it be a pot on your patio or into a rockery succulent garden or just popped into your garden bed.  To top it off it gets a beautiful pinkish tubular flower off a long stem.

PRICE: R19.95

Plectranthus verticiliatus.JPG

Plectranthus verticillatus

(1L bag)

Soft green creeping ground cover grows beautifully between step pathways, edging, gravel areas and retaining walls.  Grows most happily in the shade – so welcoming because gardening in the shade is a bit challenging.

PRICE: R10.95

Sansaveria trifasciata .jpg

Sansaveria trifasciata – Yellow Stripe  (3L bag)

Also known as ‘mother in laws tongue’.  Yellow stipe.

This plant is a bit like a mini skirt on bell bottom pants, in and out of fashion.  At the moment it’s very much in fashion, makes a strong stand in the garden bed where structure and form are required, can be planted in the shade, in pots, on a patio or indoors.  Does well in the sun and owns its spot in a succulent garden too.

PRICE: R25.00

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