We get a lot of call for these bestsellers because they are “the flowering workhorses of the garden”.
They are all indigenous, all water-wise and even if you have no green-fingers, you can’t go wrong with these.
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Sansaveria trifasciata – Yellow Stripe (3L bag)

Also known as ‘mother in laws tongue’. Yellow stipe.

This plant is a bit like a mini skirt on bell bottom pants, in and out of fashion. At the moment it’s very much in fashion, makes a strong stand in the garden bed where structure and form are required, can be planted in the shade, in pots, on a patio or indoors. Does well in the sun and owns its spot in a succulent garden too.

PRICE: R25.00


Strelitzia nicolai
– Common name – Wild Banana

Tall Banana like plant, with enormous leaves and purplish-blue and white crane flowers.

Creates a lush, tropical effect to a garden.

Also looks beautiful in a container, planted in full sun or semi-shade.

PRICE: R165.00 incl. VAT


Senecio tamoides
– Common name – Canary creeper

Fast growing climber with glossy leaves and masses of yellow flowers.

Makes a real show – stands out.

Plant in full sun.

A good climber to hide fences or a wall.

Attracts butterflies and useful insects.

PRICE: R16.75 incl. VAT


Senecio ficoides
– Common name – Big blue chalk stick

Thick and silver-grey finger like leaves.

Strong accent plant in any garden.

Daisy-like yellow flowers.

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Aloe aristata
– Common name – Guinea-fowl Aloe

Hardy, dwarf, stemless Aloe

Dark green leaves with a lot of little white spots, edged with soft, small white teeth.

Red or Salmon pink flowers

Amazing in rock gardens and in containers.

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Plectranthus saccatus
– Common name – Stoep jacaranda

One of the more popular/well known Plectranthus.

Bright green leaves with sprays of showy white or mauve flowers.

Stem is a tinged purple colour and has soft hairs.

PRICE: R16.75 incl. VAT


Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
– Common name – Flapjacks or Plakkies

Beautiful large, oval to round, plate-like greyish-cream leaves, that are edged in red.

Tubular greenish-yellow flowers that attract many pollinating insects.

PRICE: R34.35 incl. VAT


Dymondia margaretae
– Common name – Carpet daisy/Silver carpet

Creeping plant with blue-grey tinged leaves.

Small yellow flowers.

Attractive ground cover.

Full sun , drought hardy

PRICE: R16.75 incl. VAT


Pentas lanceolata
– Common name – Egyptian starcluster

A fast-growing, small to medium-sized herbaceous shrub with light green foliage. Each branch tip bears a bunch of small flowers.

Comes in a variety of colours, including pink, red, mauve and white.

Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and make good cut flowers, use for beds, borders, pots and baskets.

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Portulacaria afra “prostrata”
– Common name – Spekboom/porkbush

Hardy succulent ground cover.

Looks beautiful cascading down a rockery or creeping over retaining walls.

Waterwise plant

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Bulbine natalensis
– Common name – Ibhucu

Beautiful, shade loving, accent plant.

Excellent water wise plant.

“Porcupine delight”

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Cyperus prolifer
– Common name – Papyrus

Evergreen water-loving, attractive, medium-sized groundcover.

Very inconspicuous leaves, represented by red-brown sheaths at the base.

Semi shade or full sun.

It is an excellent plant for containers and is ideal for small wetland gardens.

PRICE: R16.75 incl. VAT


Dracaena reflexa
– Common name – Pleomele

Very good screening plant.

Can be grown indoors – “bringing the garden inside”

Can grow in deep shade or dark corners.

PRICE: R165.00 incl. VAT


Crassula sarmentosa
– Common name – trailing Jade plant

A stunning succulent that looks fantastic in rockeries and landscape gardens.

Attracts large numbers of pollinating insects, especially honey bees

In their natural habitat they are able to withstand reasonable periods of drought, so definitely a water wise plant. It is also a plant recommended to be used on green roofs as it stays neat and is truly low maintenance

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Plectranthus lucidus
– Common name – Spurflower

A fast growing, resilient, shade loving ground cover.

Recommended for coastal gardens.

PRICE: R26.87 incl. VAT


Echevaria elegans
– Common name – Rock rose

A short stemmed, clump-forming succulent with rosettes of fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves.

A must for any rock garden.

Waterwise, also a good container plant.

PRICE: R34.35 incl. VAT


Sedum grey

Waterwise, resilient rock garden or container plant

PRICE: R34.35 incl. VAT

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