Garden Feeding: Organic and Eco-Friendly

Regular and ongoing feeding is integral to a healthy and vigorously growing garden. For the best results, we should respect what we use to feed our gardens. 

Eco Balance chooses to feed and enrich our gardens organically. By using organic products, we are gentle on our environment, ensuring the products we use do not burn or destroy the micro-organisms which are the building blocks of healthy soils.

Organic fertilisers and composts are products that have been produced from biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances. This product maintains soil fertility and ecological balance thereby minimising pollution and wastage. Using organic fertilisers and compost promotes fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

Other reasons to embark on regular garden feeding:

  • Makes plants hardier, reducing pests and disease
  • Ensures lush and green lawn and plants, no yellowing
  • Helps garden mature in a shorter time due to more rapid growth
  • Flowering plants flower more prolifically when fed
  • Plants multiply more rapidly when fed, ensuring quicker coverage
Thanks for doing our springfeeding for our garden. And I have to commend Sylvia! We only had the strelitzias and aloes left in the garden, most other plants had died due to the drought. She called me at the end of the day to show me that she had taken my gardener and taught him to “thin out” the other plants, and they had planted everywhere where there was nothing! Now I have a garden again! I was really very touched at her kindness of doing so out of free will.
— Thea

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