Small Garden Ideas: Purposefully Designed Entranceways

Landscape Design: The Garden Path

The last garden design ‘must have’ for your landscape is the decoration of your front door and entrance area. It is generally the first thing (other than the dog) to welcome you home, it draws the eye of a passerby and it helps keeps a visitor or buyer engaged. It also sets the style and mood of your home, welcoming guests with an air of elegance, friendliness or warmth.  

Enhance Your Garden Entrance

One of the quickest ways to enhance your entrance garden is to set a planter containing a variety of different colored and textured plants and flowers on either side of the door. You can create a vintage look with vase-like cement planters, go Zen with simple geometric-glazed pots, strike a whimsical note with old tin or wooden buckets, or African pots. A common approach is to place a tall plant, such as a grass, in the centre of the pot, then surround it by a low-growing ground cover.  

A gorgeous focal point like a toad tree or strelitzia planted at the entrance will ensure your front door is the centerpiece it deserves to be.

A little planning will go a long way with these garden must haves.