Small Garden Ideas: Landscape Design Must Have Privacy Screening

Screening Provides Protection

Are you feeling a little naked and exposed like you're living in a fish bowl, I heard someone say once that windows are like cleavage, people will always stare. Perhaps the view of your neighbour’s garden is unsightly (it's been long since they did some gardening and mowed the lawn). Consider privacy screening as part of your garden design especially if your garden is small and in close confines to your neighbours.

Screening also provides protection from our harsh coastal winds if used as an effective wind break. Trees make excellent wind breaks but should of course be considered in your initial garden landscaping design.  A screen made of slats is a quick and easy solution for blocking views.  A creeper may be strategically planted to grow and cover the slats. A pergola will add to you pretty landscape picture and add privacy if you live in a valley. You get the picture - add value to your confined space by drawing up natural partitions.