Planning to landscape your corporate garden? Factors to consider before you start

A corporate garden can add great value to your commercial property. From improving aesthetics to encouraging team work, a corporate garden is a valuable asset. But before you jump in, there are a number of factors to consider if you want to ensure the perfect end result for your business and your property.

Here are five factors to consider before you start a commercial landscape

1. Know your space

While it might be tempting to follow the latest gardening trends or use the same design and flora you’ve used at home, this might not be the best move for your corporate garden. Take time to consider the dimensions of the space, accessibility, weather conditions, and the number of staff required to maintain your chosen design. The specific conditions of the space will determine the environment that is grown within it – you don’t want to end up disappointed by a poorly growing garden when you could have had so much more if you worked with the space and conditions at hand.

2. Purpose is important

What will you be using your corporate garden for? Will your staff be enjoying it for work and play, or is the point to impress your visitors or your neighbours? The purpose of the garden will inform the design and layout of the garden. Remember that it is possible to use your garden for different activities by dividing the space into zones, using strategic planting, and connecting and separating areas with walkways and trellises.

3. Decide on a theme

This may seem a little contrived but a theme can be a great way to streamline your garden space and make a statement about your business. It will also guide the plant and design selections. Consider the architecture of your building and/or your neighbourhood or office park. What theme would work best in this environment? Your garden is an extension of your business and should reflect the overall look and feel of your premises and business philosophy.

4. Work the plants

Plant selection is a skill and it is important to note that plants can make or break your commercial landscape. Decide early on how plants will be used in your garden – are they merely decorative or could they be used as screens or noise and sight barriers, or as part of a vegetable patch project? It is also important to consider how the plants will grow and impact on each other over time. This process requires some experience and is best completed by a professional landscaper.

5. Pay attention to the details

The right details in the right place can turn an ordinary garden into an extraordinary one. Consider which plants work best together and which might be flowering at what time of the year. Beyond plants, think of ways to personalise your garden or make it more interesting to visitors. How many pause areas are there? Is there a stunning bird bath or water feature? What about shaded areas for outdoor meetings or events?

Landscaping a corporate garden can be a tricky business. There is so much to consider and you probably don’t have the time, energy, or skill to dedicate to getting it just right. The solution? Hire a professional landscaper (and don't forget to quizz them) to get the job done. Hire us! From professional corporate garden maintenance for your office space to commercial landscaping on a grand scale, we can create and maintain any indoor or outdoor green space.

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