Outdoor dining area for your restaurant? Here are our suggestions.

Dining al fresco never goes out of style, especially if you have a fabulous outdoor space. When it comes to your restaurant, not only does it add to your dining area, it can enhance your guests’ dining experience.

Have an outdoor patio space just crying out for a revamp? Looking to extend your dining area into a garden or open air space? From lighting to decoration to working with the surrounding natural elements, there are quite a few factors to consider when creating an outdoor area for your restaurant.

Four factors to consider for your outdoor dining area

1. Lightning

Professionally placed lighting is important for ambience and safety reasons. Lights and hanging lamps can be used to brighten a space or try fairy lights for a more romantic atmosphere. Wind them around tree trunks, through vertical gardens or planter boxes, and hang them high for that extra-special glow. Lightning is also important on pathways and near entrances and signage to ensure guests don’t trip and can comfortably find their way.

2. Seating

Outdoor furniture should be durable, attractive, and comfortable. It should also tie into your theme and surrounds. Let it blend in with your chosen greenery – think small cafe tables and chairs for a courtyards space or cushioned benches for a garden. Benches and loveseats can make a welcome addition to any outdoor space as part of a waiting or pause area, allowing your guests the chance to stop and appreciate the beauty of being outdoors.

3. Watch the weather

Eating outdoors can bring with it fresh air and benefits of beautiful surrounds but you need to consider the challenges of being without shelter. Think large umbrellas or an awning for Summer and space heaters and blankets for Winter. And get creative – lavender bushes make excellent mosquitoes repellents and they’re great table decor too!

4. Bring in the green

Take care of the lawn, ensuring a great first impression, and make the most of the trees and plants that surround your dining zone – mix seasonal plant trends and evergreen varieties and make sure all vegetation is cared for and looks great. If you’re working with a concrete or gravel floor or if the surrounding greenery is sparse, consider adding the outdoor element to your space in structured but creative ways. Try a climbing vine entrance, vertical garden as a feature wall, or add planters and herb and flower containers as decoration. ‘Frame’ beautiful vistas with plants and greenery and make the most of Mother Nature. Starting from scratch? Consider hiring a professional landscaper and garden maintenance team to create an outdoor dining area your guests can’t wait to enjoy.

Adding an outdoor dining area to your restaurant? Developing a garden space for your business and want it to be just right for your guests? As commercial landscape experts, we understand how a landscape can transform a property, adding value to your business and impressing your guests. With our expertise and experience, we can help you create a landscape that makes the most of the natural world, big or small, at work or at home.

We can help you spruce up your outdoor space today!