Never heard of interior plantscaping? It’s a must for your next commercial property.

Interior plantscaping is a style of interior decorating that focuses on the use of indoor plants and containers to decorate and energise interior spaces. As organisations take more notice of the importance of green spaces for workplace happiness and productivity, plantscaping has become more popular in commercial developments.

What does an interior plantscaper do? This expert in indoor greenery designs, arranges, and cares for plants and green installations (like vertical gardens) in walled-in spaces. As with professional landscapers, experienced plantscapers need to have an in-depth understanding of plants, design trends, sculptural elements, and focal points in order to create indoor spaces that use greenery and plants to their best advantage. At EcoBalance we are pleased to have both the landscaping experience and design expertise to add plantscaping to our long list of corporate garden credentials.

Most people spend a large portion of their lives living and working inside – this limits the valuable interactions they can have with the natural world. Plantscaping can help to bring people into contact with the natural world, improving their health, energy levels, and feelings of work satisfaction.

Plantscaping benefits for a commercial property

1. Stand out from the crowd

When it comes to the design and layout of a commercial space, greenery shouldn’t be an after-thought. Used creatively and correctly, it can enhance a space, bringing warmth, light, and a sense of original design. This is especially useful in new developments which might lack individuality or substance when first built.

2. Bring on the beauty

Potted plants, grouped containers, workstation arrangements, greenery-filled pause areas, vertical gardens.... An interior landscape filled with beautiful, living plants can complement and enhance any commercial space. Warming dark corners, directing traffic, drawing attention to important zones, decorative plants, creatively placed, can add that special touch of beauty to the atmosphere of a working space, moving it from a functional space to an enjoyable place.

3. Increase the property’s value

Any form of landscaping (interior or exterior) will have a positive effective on a property’s value. Plantscaping can help ensure a great first impression (an important selling point) as well as create multi-functional areas for an extended work space (think plant screen and balcony meeting rooms). Factors such as these make your development more appealing to potential tenants and future owners.

4. Caring for others

As pointed out above, research shows that nurturing indoor plant has many benefits for the individuals who work in enclosed spaces. Plants help to clean the air (combating “sick air syndrome”), help people to feel healthier and happier, increase productivity, and dampen noise. All this adds up to a more pleasant, healthier work environment for all. Why would you not want the people in your building to feel good?

Want plantscaping advice at planning stage? Want to make the most of your new development’s interior landscape? Need a corporate garden maintenance consultant? We can help! As a South African landscape institute (SALI) award winning company, we understand the power of a carefully created plantscape and/or landscape to transform a property, adding to its appeal and value. From planning the look and feel to regular maintenance, Eco Balance is the perfect plant and commercial landscape supplier for any property development venture.

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