How to create the perfect moon garden for your corporate building.

More and more, hard-working professionals are keeping late hours or working night shifts on big projects. And, as we already know that a corporate garden has many employee benefits, what could be better than a corporate moon garden?

A moon garden is a style of garden design meant to be enjoyed at night (in the moonlight). It uses white flowers, silvery foliage, variegated leaves, and elements such as mood lighting and glass decor to reflect and sparkle light. Whether it’s one dedicated section of your commercial landscape or the whole area, a moon garden can be the perfect place to take a break for employees who are working late or need a change of scenery. It can also make a stunning venue for entertaining clients and hosting staff celebrations after hours.

Tips for creating the perfect moon garden for your corporate building

1. Think white at night

Choose white flowers or those with a portion of white that will light up in moonlight or under artificial lighting. You can also go with white flowers against dark foliage so that the blooms look like they are floating in midair. Look for plants with white stripes or silver leaves and interesting shapes to add interest to flower displays. Also, select a wide range of different sized blooms, arranged in different containers and at different heights – tiny sprays tucked into bigger displays can look like a string of shimmering lights at night.

2. Think scent

Choose night blooms with a delicious scent and you are well on your way to enchanting your employees with a beautiful (night time friendly) outdoor space that encourages calm and reflection.

3. Think lighting

To highlight your landscape to its best advantage (and for safety reasons), it’s important to combine the look and feel of your moon garden with the right lighting. Soft lighting can highlight key areas while adding ambiance to a space while strategically placed spot lighting can be used to light up paths and entrance ways.

4. Think sound

Night time gardens tend to be especially quiet. Add tranquil, ambient sound with a tinkling water feature or bamboo wind chimes, or by planting long rushes for sounds that are pretty and calming.

5. Think style

To add interest to your garden, create pause areas with comfortable benches, softly lit Zen fishponds or water features, or add garden torches or glass lamps to the landscape. Depending on your company’s image and branding, you can take your moon garden from fairy fantasy to tropical jungle with the right design concept and stylish elements.

Looking to design a corporate garden, for day or night, or develop a commercial landscape for your next corporate project? As landscape experts, we understand how a landscape can transform a property, adding value to property owners and those using and visiting the space. With our expertise and experience, we help property developers and their clients create landscapes that work with and maximise any living or working space.

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