Garden Maintenance: How Often Is Best

How often one should have garden maintenance done really depends on each home owner. The options we, as a service provider, offer is every week in summer and every alternate week in winter if you have a lawned area. If you don’t have a lawn then every second week throughout the year is the option we advise our clients take. 

Garden Maintenance Tips

  • If you do your own garden maintenance we advise you to spend a couple of hours in your garden daily. This keeps you on top of all that happens in the garden, so if pests or disease infestation takes place you will know about it almost immediately and will be able to take action sooner, thereby minimising damage. We do have the best climate here on the KZN coastline, so take advantage of being out in your garden enjoying nature for free, getting a tan for free, a gym session for free, therapy for free and such satisfaction from seeing your plants grow from seeds to beautiful blooms.
  • Start a compost heap. There is no excuse for throwing all your kitchen scraps into the bin any longer. 
  • Install an irrigation system that is coupled to a Jojo tank. Even in this drought you could be watering using grey water pumped from your Jojo tank making watering a breeze. 

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