Garden Ideas for Smaller Landscapes

Small DIY Garden Ideas

Worldwide, there is a trend towards smaller homes and smaller gardens.  Of course it also means a lot less time needs to be invested in maintenance,so more time is spent simply enjoying your beautiful garden.

All the elements from the traditional larger gardens are just as desirable in your smaller landscape.  With a little thought and planning your townhouse landscape will look magnificent for you and your family and friends to appreciate.

In order to make the best practical use of the available space the first thing you need to do is size it up; which areas are sunny or shady.  Is there something you wish to conceal or something you wish to emphasize?  And check your soil, is it clay or sand?Does it support other plants, even weeds?  

Purpose Driven Gardening

Keep in mind the main purpose for your garden.  Is it a sanctuary, purely decorative or an edible garden?  Where will it mostly be viewed from?  One or two chairs and a small table can make a small garden an attractively quiet place to read or simply enjoy the environment.