Garden Glamour: Garden Lighting

A healthy garden is like a mini eco system, where life abounds, all eco systems are balanced and there will be as much life in your garden at night as in the day.  By day we marvel at not just the flora in our garden but also the fauna, most folks not realising that when the day shift goes off beat a vibrant night shift takes over. Few people are privileged enough to spend a lot of time in their gardens in the day time, but after a hard day’s work there is very little more relaxing both physically and mentally as spending time admiring the beauty of your garden in the cool of the evening, full moon will add soft light to your garden for a few days once a month. A new innovation called light pots will bring the romance of the full moon to your garden every night. The soft light provided by these pots will allow you to observe all the nocturnal life in your garden, if you are still  and patient the little night creatures will treat you as part of the furniture, and extend your gardening hours until you, have had enough.