Creative ways to liven up your office's vertical garden

Vertical gardens are a great way to introduce some greenery into a limited office space or refresh your office décor. Already have a vertical garden in place? Make sure it continues to wow your office staff and clients by keeping it well-maintained and updating it every now and again.

Here are five creative ways to liven up your vertical garden to ensure maximum impact and longevity

1. Take it off the wall

Most vertical gardens are built against a wall or reception area structure. Why not move it for a little while or more? Try a free-standing trellis or use old pieces of office furniture to hold and display your vertical garden e.g.  get creative with an up-cycled set of drawers or a book case that holds flowering plants and creates a natural barrier between two areas.

2. Change the theme

Has your vertical garden been sporting the same plant varietals and overall look and feel as when it was first installed? Time to shake things up a bit – switch from a decorative plant garden to a herb or veggie garden, or change up the colours and textures to allow the garden to stand out from the crowd once more. Get the help of an expert gardener to decode the latest garden trends and then go wild!

3. Add a little something

Recycled glass bottles, leather baskets, or wooden artworks can bring interest and new life to your vertical garden. To fully embrace this move, encourage creative input from your staff by allowing them to add to the garden or to suggest gardening ideas.

4. Set up a garden maintenance schedule

This might not seem a highly creative gesture but it is an essential part of creating and maintaining a great vertical garden – or any garden for that matter. To look its best, your vertical garden needs to be properly and consistently cared for. This includes weeding, plant rotation, and watering. Put together an in-office duty roster for caring for the vertical garden and make it fun by including prizes or rewards for a job well done.

5. Start all over again

Sometimes it’s time for a complete garden facelift. Numerous factors influence whether you should replace or remove your vertical garden. Consider current garden trends, the need for something a little different, or staff requests for a different style of décor in the office, and you might find yourself looking for other ways to green up your working space.

As long as you have the space, there’s room to get creative with a vertical garden. Want advice on how to get started or what to do with your out-of-date vertical garden? From professional corporate garden maintenance for your office space to commercial landscaping on a grand scale, we can help!  Our expertise and experience mean that we are able to create and maintain any indoor or outdoor green space. And we’d love to help you with yours!

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