Building an office with no outdoor space? Ways to bring an indoor landscape to life.

When it comes to a commercial property, outdoor spaces have many advantages including raising the value of the property overall and increasing employee happiness and productivity. But what if the office you’re building doesn’t have an outdoor space? Don’t despair – you can bring the outdoors indoors!

There are a number of ways to create a beautiful indoor commercial landscape that takes advantage of the benefits of “greening up” your space while working with the confines of your building’s design. From a reception area vertical garden to pause areas filled with potted plants, an indoor landscape can instantly change the look and feel of your indoor office space.

Ways to bring an indoor landscape to life

1. Go vertical

Vertical gardens are an on-trend must for any modern working space. Not only are they great space savers, they can act as a beautiful piece of living art. Quick to install and easy to maintain, they are the perfect answer to bringing your office space to life.

2. Divide and conquer

Most modern offices have some open plan element – this design adds the feeling of space and connectivity to a working environment. However, there might be times when you need to create separate zones within that shared space, for example, for reasons of privacy or department designation. Screens can darken a room and create feelings of isolation and control. Rather go with a plant ‘barrier’ for a separation that is both dynamic and interesting. To maintain a professional look, use potted plants within the same theme or colour scheme to section off different areas. An added bonus? Plant screens reduce noise, creating a more pleasant working environment.

3. Green up the balconies

While not strictly indoors, a balcony space can be the perfect location for your office garden, especially when it’s the only outdoor-style space you have to work with. Working with a small space? No problem! Use window sill planters, re-purpose an old cabinet or book case as a plant display, install a vertical garden against one wall, or try container gardening to bring a much-need burst of greenery to hard surrounds.

Corporate-friendly greenery organised and maintained in an attractive and creative way can liven up dark or empty interiors, bring colour to empty walls, and provide your employees and tenants with a pleasant sensory experience. At EcoBalance, we use our expertise and experience to create and maintain a variety of indoor or outdoor green spaces, suitable for any working space.

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