Irrigation Tips

Traditionally our rain fall reduces now. This is the time when one leans heavily on an irrigation system to keep our lawn and gardens well watered and looking good. Take some time to run your irrigation system and inspect for any repairs that may be needed. If you are not technically minded (like me), call us, and we will send in Phillip, our irrigation specialist, to complete an irrigation service for you. Tip 1: Check each spray head and ensure that it is dispersing water correctly and is facing in the right direction...watering the wall or driveway is not a good idea.

Tip 2: Reset your iIrrigation controller to your Autumn programme. A deep watering three times a week is far better than a short watering daily.

Tip 3: Be water wise and check for any leaks or breaks in your pipe. These are easy to repair.

Water Wise Fact for the month: A garden irrigated by a well designed irrigation system uses less water per month than a garden watered at the same intervals by hand. I suppose one would call this human error ... or human generosity. Think of your own or your garden helpers watering habits, would it be wiser to invest in a system that delivers the correct amount of water and on schedule?