Garden Hazards

Last month our Simbithi Maintenance Manager, Warren stepped back onto a thorny branch while attending to pruning. A really large and nasty Acacia thorn embedded in his leg, at the back of his knee. A surgical procedure and five stitches later, the offending thorn was finally removed, and he has the scar to prove it! Gardening is not always a bed of roses and there are a few other garden hazards that we would like to mention that one should watch out for and avoid:

  • Thorny, spiky and poisonous plants
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Chipped or uneven pavers
  • Ends of stakes (cover with a cork)
  • Unprotected water like bird baths, ponds and water features for small children
  • Slippery paving and mossy soil in shaded areas
  • Gardening tools (especially hard rakes) that have not been packed away.