Energy Saving Lighting

Energy saving is always the top of our list to suit our pocket and also to aid in saving our environment .The ideal energy saving products to use are LED lamps which have a very low consumption of power and long life globes for cost effective maintenance. Solar lights are the ultimate in electricity saving. They are also easy to install. The brightness of the light is determined by the wattage of the LED's and their quality. Consider carefully where the solar lights are placed; they need at least four hours of direct sunlight to run optimally at night.

A fibre optic system and LED strips are another energy saving option. They are safe to use around water features.

Whether you decide on electricity or solar power to lighten up your life, remember the key to successful garden lighting is a soft and subtle approach. A few well chosen fittings positioned creatively are all you need to enjoy your enchanting garden once the sun has set.