Our SALI Award-Winning Garden at Simbithi Eco-Estate, Pigeonwood Close


Eco Balance Landscaping recently won a SALI (SOUTH AFRICAN LANDSCAPE INSTITUTE) SILVER award in the Garden and Turf Maintenance category for 7 Pigeonwood Close, Simbithi.  This garden was installed by Eco Balance Landscapes in August 2015. The residents requested lots of flowering plants and were blessed with a great outcome.

Sali BLOG 2 Silver Award - Pigeonwood Close, Simbith.jpg

Subsequent to the installation of the garden, Eco Balance Landscapes have been doing garden maintenance on it once a week throughout the year, clearly with great results. Large shrubs and hedges in this garden get a major prune in winter of each year, although there is not much pruning required yet as the garden is still maturing. The garden is also fed four times throughout the year - every growing season.

This delightful garden also makes use of large storm water tanks under the deck for rain water harvesting; these tanks watered the garden throughout the drought. This garden was installed in the peak of the drought and when there was no rain water the tanks got filled with grey water.

SALI Silver - 7 Pigeonwood Close2.jpg

The ongoing weekly garden maintenance includes mowing the lawn, cutting edges, garden beds plant care, light horticultural pruning if necessary, dead leaves cut, disease identification, driveway swept, spray driveway and gravel areas for weeds when needed, and removal of refuse generated on their visit.  Eco Balance also weed the garden and are encouraged by Simbithi to rather pull the weeds out and not turn the soil,  to reduce water evaporation.

The SALI judges positive comments when awarding this Silver Excellence award were most pleasing:

“A small seaside garden rich in planting and textural detail. The variety of planting was generally healthy all round, as was the lawn. Good water wise practices with substantial rain /grey water harvesting  using Jo-Jo tanks installed underneath the decking were commended. The maintenance program offered the client excellent value for money, choice and positioning of plants was appropriate and pruning and trimming procedures neatly carried out. Overall a most pleasing eco-estate garden offering year round seasonal colour.”

SALI Silver - 7 Pigeonwood Close1.jpg

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