Fertilizing South African Gardens

Fertilizing South African Gardens

Fertilizing South African gardens is a task that should certainly form part of your complete garden maintenance program, but just what makes this such an important task?

Here are a few key reasons to fertilize your garden:

  • Fertilizing helps supplement your garden with added nutrients essential for plant growth and flowering. These nutrients are often lost due to flushing rain and irrigation. This makes fertilizer a super food for your garden.
  • Fertilizing can be the difference between a plant just surviving and a plant thriving. Well-fed plants are hardier and resilient. 
  • Fertilizing helps new plants to take better to their new environment
  • Fertilizing helps prevent weeds and moss from establishing

To help you further understand the importance of fertilizing South African gardens, here is a breakdown of the 3 macro-nutrients found in fertilizer, and how they help your garden:

  • Nitrogen:  This nutrient is responsible for ensuring your plant is green and has healthy branch development
  • Phosphorus: This nutrient is often missing in soil, and aids the root and stem development and regulates flowering and fruiting
  • Potassium: Also known as potash, this nutrient promotes sap flow and aids with production of flowers and fruiting

There are also various micro-nutrients found in fertilizer, such as iron, manganese, copper and aluminum in smaller quantities. These offer general plant well-being, tissue growth, assist with the formation of chlorophyll and build healthy cell walls.

With all this in mind – be sure not to miss this vital task in maintaining your garden, but remember these few tips:

  • Always use fertilizer sparingly and according to directions to avoid fertilizer burn
  • Although modern chemical fertilizers are not as harmful to the environment as in decades past, try choosing an organic fertilizer over a chemical fertilizer
  • Different types of fertilizer focus on different plant types – be sure to discuss your specific requirements with your supplier

If you have any further questions on fertilizing, feel free to contact us, we will gladly help with clarity.


Fertilizing South African Gardens