Eco Balance Landscaping is 10 Years Old

Eco Balance Landscaping is 10 Years Old

How did it all begin?

As founders we decided after working together for some time in other businesses, to form a business partnership and on 1st March 2008 Eco Balance Landscaping was formed. Since then we have had the most rewarding journey!

With one voice, the most rewarding part of the adventure for us has been the experience of seeing the Eco Balance staff growing in experience, knowledge and stature within the business as well as in the local community. We have to chuckle at the fact that horticulturist’s are meant to enjoy growing and cultivating plants, which shows in the success we have tasted over our 10 year journey. But, giving back to the local community, where we have committed to drawing our staff from, still remains the most satisfying achievement for us both.

Eco Balance Landscaping’s success can largely be attributed to the people involved. Staff and clients have been our inspiration, support and encouragement.  Staff being the key component, and clients who have spurred us on to deliver the excellence that is synonymous with Eco Balance Landscaping.

There have been some very interesting variations in the spectrum of clients we have worked with that have driven the service levels higher and higher. We are truly grateful for their support and contribution to our reputation of successful excellence.

The many phases in the life of Eco Balance over the past 10 years were influenced by various factors that enabled us to maintain a healthy and viable business. The biggest of these being that we have remained light on our feet, always looking around to see how and when to adapt, improve and make changes. These are all crucial aspects for growth and remaining relevant in our highly competitive industry.

The many mountains we have climbed were summitted on the back of countless answered prayers.

We are thrilled and grateful to still be a flourishing, growing operation 10 years on.

The next 10 years…..?

The Eco Balance Landscaping team is working on some wildly important goals for 2018 and beyond to make our client’s gardening experience even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Thank you for journeying with us!

Tracey Miller-Smith and Joy Wolmaraans