Increase the value of your commercial property? Add a garden.

Are you working on a new commercial property? Developing an office complex or revamping an existing structure? Don’t forget the garden! While outside areas are often overlooked (or even paved over) when it comes to commercial properties, they can add more value than you think.

Here are three big benefits to adding a garden to your commercial property:

1. Boost your curb appeal

Aesthetics are important and while modern design might dictate a clean, streamlined look when it comes to your buildings, a lack of greenery can give a cold, off-putting impression. A beautiful, professionally-maintained garden will instantly improve the look and feel of your property as well as providing a great first impression to potential tenants and visitors.

2. Create a new meeting place

Research shows that employees who have the opportunity to change their environment tend to be happier and more productive. And this is especially true if this includes the chance to go outside. A corporate garden can be designed to accommodate seated spaces, pause areas, or creativity zones so that it can function as an outside boardroom or meeting area. This not only extends your property’s ‘operating space’, it makes for a great selling point.

3. Add to your tenants’ experience

More and more organisations are looking to enhance their employees’ work experience and offer them a more holistic lifestyle. Besides providing a space to work, a corporate garden can offer some private time, act as an easy-to-access exercise haven, or even accommodate a community vegetable patch – just one of the many ways larger organisations are engaging in social responsibility initiatives. All these activities and more are made possible by a commercial property that includes a garden or landscaped area. And it doesn’t have to be outdoors! Have a smaller commercial space or no room for an outdoor landscape? Consider a vertical garden – perfect for an office space in need of a green boost!

A well-designed corporate garden takes planning and ongoing maintenance. To create the kind of garden that truly adds value to your commercial property, you need to partner with an experienced commercial landscaping team like the one at Eco Balance. We can help you enhance your commercial property with an outside space to impress potential buyers or indoor greenery that will wow tenants and visitors. The result? Greater value for all!

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