Five meaningful ways to thank your tenants for their business this year.

Good tenants (those that look after your property and pay their rent on time) can be hard to find. That’s why, as the year draws to a close, it pays to show a little (or a lot) of appreciation for their presence.

Tired of gift vouchers and food hampers? We’ve got some fresh ideas for thank you gestures sure to show your tenants that you appreciate them.

Five meaningful thank you gifts

1. Organise an information evening with an after-party

Give your tenants something useful in the form of an information evening (with a relevant guest speaker) that focuses on an aspect of their industry or business. Everyone appreciates learning something new, especially if that information is useful. Follow it with a cocktail party or social mixer where tenants can spend time socialising and getting to know each other. Host it at your premises – a moon garden is ideal for such events – and start to build a community out of your tenant base.

2. Upgrade or add to your property

A landscaped entrance, a indoor ‘green revamp’, or new outdoor signage can go a long way to upgrading your property and is an ideal gift for tenants – being both useful and something they don’t have to pay for to benefit from. If you have the budget, ask them to choose their desired upgrade or change. Helping your tenants to enhance their business premises will not only enhance yours, it will spread goodwill too.

3. Refresh your corporate landscape

Is your office garden or verge in need of a revamp or even some tender, loving care? First impressions count and your outside space is often the space tenants and their visitors see first. Plus, your tenants will enjoy the space more (and enjoy being at work in that space every day) if it looks great and speaks to their needs. And there are so many options, such as an indigenous overhaul.

4. Give a plant

If you want to give your tenants a more traditional gift, on a smaller scale, think about a potted plant or a container garden. Not only does this gift last longer than a voucher or food hamper (sticking around to remind the tenant of your thoughtfulness), it can help to enhance their working environment and looks great too. There’s definitely a plant (or, if you want to make a splash) indoor vertical garden option that sure to suit every tenant.

5. Tea and coffee stations

Every tenant probably has tea or coffee facilities but what about a dedicated tea and coffee station for each tenant in their office reception area? They can use it to serve visitors and enjoy it every day themselves. Use their corporate colours for that extra-special touch, and dress up the station with quality cups and serving crockery, and place it in an attractive (think green) location. A bonus – if you brand it, it works as advertising for your business as well.

At Eco Balance, we are passionate about creating (and redesigning) our clients’ green space. Whether it’s maintaining an outdoor space or installing a stunning vertical garden, we have the experience and expertise to make the most of your commercial landscape or indoor greenery. Need help planning a landscape overhaul or green project? Talk to us – as landscape experts, we can help you create a landscape that will appeal to visitors and is sure to keep your tenants happy.

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