Three resolutions for a stunning office garden in 2018

It’s almost the new year and time to get your new year’s resolutions underway. When it comes to your office garden, this is a good time to review what you achieved last year and to consider what you would like to change or update in the year going forward.

The truth is that your corporate garden isn’t just your outdoor office space – it offers an important first impression to your visitors, can be used as a space for work or play, and can bring some much-needed life to your buildings. So it’s worth spending a little time adding this important part of your commercial landscape to your new year’s resolutions list. And we’ve got three good ones to get you started...

Resolutions for a stunning office garden in the year ahead

1. Refresh and revamp

Nothing stays the same forever and that goes for any landscape. Over time, landscapes can start to look tired or uninspiring. Plus, they may no longer fit your organisation’s image or design goals, not to mention the latest trends. If you're a property owner or developer, you might want to switch things up for new or loyal tenants, for example. Take a good look at your commercial landscape space. Is it time to add or remove certain elements? Or maybe a complete overhaul (in line with a new purpose such as events or employee rest areas) is on the cards?

2. Maintain, maintain, maintain

Perhaps the opposite is true – your landscape has just been done and it’s perfect – no need to change a thing. But you probably need a solid maintenance plan and, if you want to keep things looking as fresh and as lovely as they are, it’s best to call in the professionals. Professional garden maintenance is just as important as the creation of a new green space. Plus, when it comes to a commercial property, this can be seen as an essential business service, part of the necessary upkeep of grounds and surrounds.

3. Use your garden more

A beautiful corporate garden shouldn’t just be a showpiece. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – research shows that employees (and visitors and tenants, in fact anyone that consistently comes into contact with an outdoor space) are more productive, calmer and happier once they’ve been outdoors. Think about how you can use your corporate garden to feed both body and soul – a veggie garden, a greenhouse, a space for yoga or before-work meditation, a moon garden for special night-time events... the list of potential uses for a corporate garden space goes on and on. Maximise your investment in the outdoors and enjoy it.

At Eco Balance, we are dedicated to superior landscape creation and excellent maintenance, and we specialise in corporate and commercial landscapes for a variety of purposes and needs. Whether your business needs professional garden maintenance across a range of properties or landscaping solutions to turn your outdoors into the envy of all, we can help! Tell us what you would like your corporate garden to look like (and do) in 2018 and our expert team will get to work to make it happen.

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