Sustainable landscaping ideas that really work

At EcoBalance, we are committed to helping our clients create sustainable and stunning landscapes to suit their surrounds, their buildings, and their organisations. When it comes to corporate landscaping, we understand that landscapes need to be maintained and refreshed over time and in line with changing trends.

From firescaping to design considerations (like foot traffic zones and signage solutions), many of our commercial clients have moved towards indigenous, water-wise landscapes that are both practical and beautiful. Sustainability is a keyword that’s still high on the list of gardening priorities for many. So, if you’re thinking of installing or revamping your corporate garden, we’ve got three sustainable landscaping ideas to get your creative gardening juices flowing.

Landscaping ideas just right for a long-term garden

1. No need for a lawn

We’ve said it once but we’ll say it again. If you don’t have the space or inclination to install a water-hungry lawn, don’t do it. Landscape doesn’t have to equal grass – think patio-bound vertical gardens, gravel pathways and pause areas, large potted plants, container gardening, even stepped vegetable terraces... the list goes on. A creative landscape can be a combination of co-ordinated pots and zones that gives your outdoor area a garden feel, without the green lawn. And you can keep this look for as long as you like, adding to it over time.

2. Take indigenous to a whole new level

Indigenous landscapes are great examples of sustainable gardening. By using local plants and varieties, you will encourage local wildlife to take up residence in your garden and ensure water-wise gardening practices, while embracing local looks and trends. This time round, think beyond decorative plants. Local fruit trees and vegetable plants can make valuable additions to an indigenous landscape. They grow well with minimal care, add something extra to their surrounds, act as a point of interest for visitors, and offer a possible community project for employees and tenants, yielding produce to be enjoyed. Wins all round.

3. Think reduce and recycle

Staying with a focus on things local, consider a garden that uses local or, better yet, recycled materials. Minimise waste and energy use by using materials from suppliers in your area and make use of your dated office fittings (pallets or window frames, for example) to create a unique and interesting landscape. Antique bench no longer fits your interior design? Repurpose it for your outdoor pause area. Our advice? Work with an expert landscaper to ensure your garden looks professional and engaging, as opposed to a haphazard collection of items better suited to the junkyard.

From garden spaces to office interiors, sustainability is a lifestyle choice that reflects the ethos of an organisation and its people. At Eco Balance, we are passionate about creating (and redesigning) our clients’ green space to fit their needs. And we have the experience and expertise to make the most of any commercial landscape. From professional garden maintenance to creative greenery, talk to us about what you want from your corporate landscape and we will help you achieve your garden vision.

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