Landscaping tips for high foot traffic areas.

Have a lawn that takes a lot of foot traffic? Planning a new commercial development that will see loads of feet across the door and through the grounds? While grass can look lovely, it does require committed maintenance in order to look good all year round and can take quite a beating from too many feet. So it might not be the best choice for high foot traffic areas.

Take time to consider alternative landscape designs and turn areas that experience a lot of foot traffic into fun, functional, and beautiful spaces. If you do have grass or a lawn that you want to keep, ensure it is maintained properly. Alternatively, you could look to replacing the grass in those areas with other types of landscaping.

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Tips for high foot traffic areas

1. Water right

As mentioned above, if grass is involved, make sure it is properly cared for (professional garden maintenance is a must). This includes instituting a regular watering or irrigation system, as well as encouraging visitors to treat the grass with care or avoid standing on it for excessive periods of time. With the correct amount of water at the right times, grass is able to develop a strong root system while proper planning will prevent overwatering and soil weakening, which can cause soil compaction and lawn issues.

2. Replace the grass with something hardier

Gravel, stones with wooden or slatted pavers, synthetic grass, or artificial turf can make excellent replacements for natural grass. They look great in contemporary commercial spaces or modern residential homes, and they can handle heavy foot traffic much better.

3. Show the way

Direct visitors through your property using hardscapes such as walkways, verandas, and patios. Not only does this keep them off the grass if you are nurturing a lawn, it offers the opportunity to guide your visitors through beautiful and interesting surrounds, and into dedicated pause areas or destinations. Keep things green and attractive by planting landscapes and flower beds alongside hardscapes - these work to add greenery and highlight a property's features, while helping to regulate traffic. And don’t forget to keep your landscape safe and hazard-free at all times.

When planning your landscape, it’s a good idea to take into account factors such as budget, water wise guidelines, and indigenous planting practices. Speak to a landscape expert about the best way to develop and maintain your landscape for maximum appeal and impact. As commercial landscaping experts, we can help you do just that.