Landscaping around business signage? Read this.

Your business signage, especially near your commercial property, is one of your business’ greatest advertising opportunities. It should be designed to make a great impression, invite visitors in and send a message about your business and its purpose. The best way to boost that signage? With top notch commercial landscaping (it really does count).

A professional landscaper will know how to use greenery, landscaping techniques, and colour to make the most of your business signage, giving it the visibility boost it needs. Want to make your signage stand out even more? Before you start, talk to your landscaping company about these signage-friendly tips.

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Landscape tips for boosting your business signage

1. Ground cover goes a long way

Ground cover is important for ‘setting the scene’ for your signage as well as establishing an attractive landscape. Low maintenance, evergreen, hardy varieties, with the potential for flowering is what you’re looking for.

2. Choose the right plants

When it comes to attracting attention, colour is always a winner. Brightly flowering perennials or shrubs can help draw attention to your signage. But a good professional landscaper knows that colour is not enough. When it comes to outdoor landscaping, plants and flowering bushes need to be hardy, low maintenance, and weather-resistant as well.

3. Think about your choice of shrubs and bushes

A selection of impressive, tall- standing shrubs can help to ground and focus signage, giving it more depth and impact, and making it more visible to the passerby. Of course, it’s important to ensure that the shrubbery does not overwhelm the signage or hide it. A carefully considered landscape design with different layers or levels is important to ensure you get the sense of place you need.

4. Light things up

When it comes to impactful signage, lighting is important so it’s key to make sure that any new landscape elements don’t block exiting signage lighting. At the same time, it’s a good idea to light up the surrounding plants and shrubbery to add impact.

5. Consider a feature

Water fountain or vertical garden, a feature element can add that little something extra to your signage, drawing in your visitor’s eye and helping your business stand out.

Once your landscape is installed and your signage is looking oh-so-good, it’s important to invest in a garden maintenance plan to ensure that you keep the area nice and tidy as well as ensuring maximum effect for all the right reasons.

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