Shopping Mall Landscaping – Top Tips to Draw in the Crowds.

Shopping Mall Landscaping – Top Tips to Draw in the Crowds.

Developing a new shopping centre? Reviving an outdated space? Shopping mall layout and design has changed significantly over time as shoppers demand more of a lifestyle rather than pure shopping experience. This means working with a theme and style that encourages shoppers to stay and linger in shopping spaces – to enjoy their time indoors and, ultimately, spend more.

shopping mall landscaping

One aspect of creating a pleasant and engaging shopping experience is creating a landscape within a developed space – one that is comfortable and engaging, that makes your development stand out from the rest. Research shows that indoor plants, for example, have a positive effect on shoppers as they tap into the innate human need to be close to Nature, resulting in increased levels of calm and positive energy. Need ideas? We’ve got three great ones right here.

Take your shopping mall green with one of our landscaping solutions. 

Top tips for a top notch shopping mall landscape

1. Green up pause areas

shopping mall landscaping

Too often, shopping malls are large, concrete structures that can feel cold and impersonal. Bring a natural feel to established pause areas by incorporate green and flowering plants in seating arrangements or around a free-standing coffee station. Greenery has a calming effect and makes people feel more relaxed and at ease. A green-framed pause area can be an oasis of calm in the middle of a busy mall space.

2. Create a not-so-secret garden

An indoor garden can be an attractive addition to any indoor space. Make the garden a must-see spot for shoppers. Build up an inviting entrance and guide them through a series of screened lawn spaces and terraces using gravel paths or wooded walkways. Go all out with a fish pond and bridge or build the space up into a greenhouse, filled with ferns, bright flower displays, and hanging plants. Remember that smell has a powerful effect on memory and certain floral scents can encourage shoppers to revisit a space again and again.

3. Try plantscaping pure and simple

shopping mall landscaping

If you want to include greenery in your existing shopping mall design but don’t want a full-on landscape reboot, think about investing in traditional container gardening or an on-trend vertical garden. Container gardening is perfect for low-fuss, limited space situations, and can bring an instant green boost to any space. Vertical gardens are beautiful, practical, and an excellent way to bring the outdoors indoors – they look great, are environmentally friendly, and offer full coverage from day one. Our advice? Make sure to get professional advice to ensure you get the right plants and set-up for the best results.

As commercial landscape experts, we understand how a landscape can transform any living or working space, adding true value to each individual’s experience. As experts in all kinds of corporate garden maintenance as well as commercial landscaping, we can help you create the perfect landscape for your business needs.

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