Three ways to enjoy your corporate garden this summer

A corporate garden has so many advantages – from being a great place to hold a meeting to offering visitors some welcome breathing space, and even increasing work satisfaction. And it can do these things virtually year-round.

Having said that, summer is the perfect season to enjoy your corporate garden – if you’re on the Natal coast, the days are long and sunny and your garden should be in full bloom. Looking for inspiration?

Here are three ways you can enjoy your outdoor space this summer:

1. Eat outside

Whether on your lunch break or having a work luncheon, take it outside. Find a shady spot and enjoy your food in the fresh air – it’s sure to taste better and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a garden visit in the middle of your work day. You can take this idea one step further by planning larger work lunches outside. If your team or company meet for a regular shared meal, motivate to have it set up outside so you can all enjoy the scenery. Work cocktail party? No need to keep it in the boardroom. With a bit of planning, your corporate garden could be the perfect setting for an evening of entertainment.

2. Exercise outside

Short walk, meditation session, or yoga class... If your company offers employee exercise opportunities, take them outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Or start a class of your own. What better way to enjoy a beautiful garden than to be present in it? From a guided meditation in natural surrounds to simply taking off your shoes and walking on the grass during a work break, exercising in your corporate garden will allow you to benefit from an outdoor environment without the hassle of leaving work.

3. Get your team build on

From cricket on the grass to an Alice in Wonderland tea party in the trees to an inter-department gardening challenge, a summer garden is the perfect backdrop for fun, productive team building exercises. If your garden is in tiptop shape as a result of regular maintenance, it should be at its best in summer, so why not show it off and use it to your best advantage?

Summer is the perfect time to be outside, enjoying your outdoor space. Is your corporate garden summer-ready? If not, you’re missing out. But, not to worry, we can help! As experts in corporate landscaping, we’ll have your outdoor space looking fabulous in no time at all. 

Download our brochure for more information or call us – an enviable corporate garden is just around the corner!