Five ways to make your corporate garden visitor-friendly

A corporate garden is a great addition to any office space – from improved health to increased calm and creativity, having an outdoor space has numerous benefits for your employees.

But about visitors such as clients and off-site staff visiting for a day or two? A corporate garden can help them to feel at home and more relaxed as well. Want to make your corporate garden visitor-friendly?

Here are five great ways to do just that, while enhancing the beauty and appeal of your outdoor space:

1. Pick a theme

From an indigenous oasis to a Japanese treasure, themes help to order and enhance a garden. They also encourage visitors to engage in a space, as not only are themes visually pleasing, they invite investigation and pause.

2. Create restful spaces

Think about how best to make your visitors comfortable in your garden. Pause areas, benches, low walls... elements such as these encourage people to use and return to an outdoor space. Pause areas with good seating provide the perfect break from a busy indoor office space and are sure to mark your garden as a favourite retreat for repeat visitors.

3. Include the element of surprise

Pathways that wind away from view or secret gardens in the middle of a busy office space will encourage visitors to explore your garden. Use screens, potted plants, and vertical gardens to create private spaces that hold surprises like water features or garden decor, designed to delight your visitors. And change things up every now and then so that there’s always something new to discover.

3. Include them in a gardening project

Your corporate garden doesn’t have to be purely ornamental. Get your staff involved in a gardening project like a food garden and invite your visitors to participate when and where possible. Let them have a hand in tending for the garden or adding to it when they visit. This will help to make them feel part of the life of the garden.

4. Hold group activities outside

From morning yoga to team brainstorms, if you have a fantastic corporate garden, you should make use of it and encourage your visitors to do the same. Invite them to participate in outdoor corporate activities during their time with you and turn your garden into a visitor-friendly space that’s good for team morale and productivity too.

Is it time to revamp your corporate garden so that it’s more appealing to all who visit it? Not sure where to start? Get professional help! We are experts in commercial landscaping and we can help you create a corporate garden your employees and visitors will love visiting.

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