5 top tips for bringing your office park garden back to life.

Studies show that when employees have access to a garden (or, indeed any green but preferably outdoor space), they are happier and more productive. Even a green view can raise employee spirits, especially if those employees are confined to an indoor space for most of the day. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden where you work, you would do well to nurture it. If no one is using the space, find out why and make some changes.

Have an office park garden in desperate need of a revamp?

Here are our 5 top tips for bringing that garden back to life:

1. Plan with work in mind

If you have the budget, consider a complete overhaul of your existing office park garden. But, before embarking on such an ambitious project, you will need to plan out the garden, taking into account its purpose and visitors. An office park garden will most likely be used by employees. Make sure it is easily accessible, yet secure. Consider incorporating colourful plants and scented herbs like Lavender to add points of interest to the garden as well as encourage happiness, productivity, and creativity. And don’t forget that the majority of the garden’s visitors will be dressed in work wear with formal shoes and will probably be having meals there. To accommodate those individuals, include some comfortable seating areas, rubbish and recycling bins, and consider paving or gravel paths so visitors can explore the garden without worrying about getting their clothes dirty. 

2. Make it a team effort

An office park garden presents the perfect opportunity for your employees to interact while getting some much needed fresh air and sunshine. Whether growing a vegetable garden from which they can all benefit or creating a pause space for peaceful outdoor lunches, your office park garden can be the perfect team project. Put green fingered team members to work or help employees who have never worked in a garden learn a new skill. Benefits all round!

3. Local is lekker

Not every garden needs to be based around wide open spaces and rolling lawns. Transform a neglected high-maintenance garden into an indigenous plant haven that’s both water-wise and easy to maintain. Not to mention the biodiversity benefits of nurturing indigenous plants and wildlife.

4. Think outside the box

Have a smaller space outside or inside your office park that could do with a bit of greenery? What about a courtyard or pause area? Now, think vertical garden – quick to install and easy to maintain, a vertical garden is water-wise, filters the air, and softens ambient noise. It can also provide a soothing backdrop to the hustle and bustle of a busy office.

5. Get professional help

You might have the garden area (and even the plants) and the desire to have a fantastic office park garden but no free time to invest in it. Don’t let that stop you from having a great outdoor space. Hire a professional landscaping team to help you create a garden that’s functional, low maintenance, and welcoming. An expert team like the one at Eco Balance will make sure your office park garden speaks to your needs and help maintain it over time. And it won’t cost as much as you think!

Office park gardens have the potential to make people happier and more productive – essentials for a successful business. So, next time you’re at work, take a long, hard look at your garden options.

Need help getting your outdoor space back into shape? 

For garden services, maintenance, and ideas, call the professionals. Before you know it you’ll have a work garden that makes others green with envy.