Want the perfect lawn? With these tips, you'll get it!

While gravel and stone are popular coverings for modern gardens, especially those with a smaller space, few things can replace a well-maintained lawn. This fresh, green covering can add life and beauty to your garden, encourage bird and animal life, and act as a green carpet on which to play games or lounge about with your family.

Lawns can be seeded (a practice best done in spring) or turf (which can be laid at any time of the year as long as the ground isn’t frozen or too muddy). Both forms of lawn require work to get started and the choice of material is yours. However, at Eco Balance, we support organic and natural garden options.

Want the perfect lawn? This is how to get it and keep it: 

1. Ensure the ground is ready

To give your lawn the best start, ensure the ground is ready. It should be cleared of debris and roots, and forked over and raked until the surface is clean and even.

2. Pick the correct seeds

If planting a natural lawn, pick the correct seeds for the best chance of success. Consider the amount of work you want to put into your lawn (some lawn varieties are fussier than others) and the conditions (for example, if your garden is shady for most of the day, you’ll want a seed that is shade-friendly). 

3. Water and mow to the correct height

Once planted, you should water and mow to the correct height as required to ensure a steady, green growth. Paving can be a real lifesaver when it comes to a new lawn – create pathways to keep people off the grass but also to enhance the design and allure of your garden space.

4. Feed your lawn correctly

To avoid lawn patches, feed your lawn correctly and, if possible, organically. An organic feeding system will respect your garden and its wildlife. Organic feeding is gentle on the environment and doesn’t kill the microorganisms that ensure healthy soil and plants.

5. Lawn care as part of garden maintenance

Make lawn care part of your garden maintenance plan. Be sure to aerate (create holes in the soil that allow nutrients to reach the lawn’s roots), scarify (rake away dead organic matter such as leaves to allow for proper water flow and avoid moss build-up) and water your lawn. Also remove weeds and moss on a regular basis. These techniques might make your lawn look a little beaten at first but the results will be worth it.

6. Don't forget the water

Don’t forget the water. While overwatering can cause more harm than good (and it is best to allow nature to do the watering anyway), there are times that you will need to water your lawn yourself. Water in the early morning when the temperature is low, and don’t waste water by using a hosepipe. Rather, stay water-wise and use efficient watering techniques like an irrigation system such as the JoJo tank. That way, you’ll be kind to your lawn and the environment.

Just like the rest of your garden, your lawn should be an ongoing project. Give it love and the proper attention and you will be rewarded with a beautiful, lush carpet around which to build your outdoor space.

Don’t have the time or energy to get your lawn or the rest of your garden up to scratch, let alone perfect? Contact an expert landscaping company like Eco Balance. 

We create and maintain beautiful landscaped environments and can take care of all aspects of your outdoor space, from your lawn up!