Eco-friendly gardening? Here's how to make your outdoor space a 'green' space.

Going green (practicing environmental friendly ways of living) is a major lifestyle trend. From sustainable housing to car pools to indigenous plants, many home owners have embraced the concept of creating a green space that celebrates and protects the natural world.

Want to go green? These tips can get you started:

1. Compost, compost, compost.

Creating a compost heap is a much better alternative to buying soil from your local hardware store. Compost is easy on your wallet and good for your garden – it introduces beneficial microorganisms that will aerate the soil, break down materials to encourage further plant growth, prevent plant disease, and it can serve as a natural alternative to a chemical fertilizer.

2. Let the bugs be.

There are plenty of eco-friendly bugs in your garden – think ladybirds and lacewings. Along with the garden’s bird life, these little creatures will help to keep destructive bugs away. So, say good bye to pesticides (bad for your family’s health) and plant flowers that will attract useful insects to your outdoor space.

3. Go local.

Indigenous plants aren’t just a trend – they are the smart choice when it comes to eco-friendly gardening. Establishing an indigenous garden is water-wise and encourages biodiversity. And, it’s easier than you think to go indigenous. Need help? Chat to our team of experts.

4. Let your water be grey.

With current drought conditions, watering your garden is not only expensive, it’s not very green. Don’t use fresh water to water your plants – rather, collect water from washing dishes or bathing and use this ‘grey’ water for your garden. If you really want to be water-wise, install a JoJo tank.

5. Try a different kind of garden.

If you don’t already have an established garden, give some thought to what kind of garden you would like and what kind of environmental impact it will have. Perhaps this isn’t the best time for rolling lawns or rose bushes. Maybe try a vertical garden – it takes up less space, requires less maintenance (and therefore less water and energy), and can be perfect for a limited outdoor area.

Whether you’re looking to protect Mother Earth or don’t want to spend a fortune on doing up your garden, going green is a great way to ensure your garden is beautiful and affordable (for your budget and the planet).

Put in place green measures today and start reaping the benefits.