Your family should spend more time in the garden. Here’s why.

The fast-paced nature of today’s world means that we live full and busy lives, mostly indoors. However, spending time outdoors can have numerous benefits for you and your family.

Here are our top three reasons your family should spend more time enjoying your garden:

1. Natural environment, happy family:

Research shows that a lack of contact with the natural world can negatively affect your health and wellbeing, not to mention your children’s health and development. Children who play outside are less likely to become overweight or anxious. Elderly parents who have a garden project are less likely to feel depressed or lonely. Taking time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, breathe fresh air, and observe nature has countless physical and emotional benefits

Beyond just being outside, joint gardening projects can produce hours of fun and encourage bonding time. Not to mention the sense of achievement when plants and flowers bloom, or your child is able to pick fresh veggies to add to the daily meal. 

2. Quality time with the kids:

With life as busy as it is, many parents feel they need to plan quality time with their children. But spending time with your family doesn’t have to include an expensive outing or lots of planning. Spending some time every day with your children in the garden will give you a chance to interact and play with them. A garden offers learning opportunities (for example, a chance to discuss and explore the natural world) and a great space for physical play and ball sports, away from technological distractions.

3. Creativity unleashed:

Many of us want to be creative but can’t find the time to add another activity to our to-do list. A garden is a wonderful opportunity to get creative, without having to leave your home base. And the whole family can get involved in generating creative garden design ideas. Zen pause areas, vertical gardens for smaller spaces, a vegetable patch, a secret garden for the children… the possibilities are varied! 

Your chosen project doesn’t have to be too strenuous or time-consuming. A vertical garden is a great example of a garden design that is both manageable and rewarding.

Whatever you decide to do once you’re out there, the important thing is to get your family outside. If you have a beautiful garden, take the time to enjoy it. 

Whatever your outdoor space, it might be time to create a garden that is both functional and beautiful.