Transform your outdoor space with these garden projects

Have you just moved into your new home or are you bored with the outdoor space you have? A garden can add beauty to your home, be a wonderful escape from the world, and add to the overall value of your property. So it is worth investing in and changing when necessary. 

Need creative gardening ideas to get that space flourishing?

Try out one of these garden projects:

1. Dress your fence:

A fence can be a necessary but rather bland addition to your garden. However, wooden or metal, it can provide you with the perfect backdrop for hanging planters, a vertical garden (see point 5), or creepers. With a bit of creative thinking, you can have a stunning feature wall rather than an ordinary barrier.

2. Magic and fairy dust:

Turn a corner of your outdoor space into a secret garden. Use screens and trellises to shield the space from view and add a fairy garden or hidden gate – young children will find this kind of garden especially magical.

3. Be water wise:

Water is a precious commodity and current drought conditions make it even more important to follow water wise practices at home and in the garden. Install an eco-friendly irrigation system or consider a JoJo tank – the perfect eco-friendly solution to rainwater harvesting

4. Grow something you can eat:

Herbs or vegetables, turn a part of your garden into a functional space. But functional doesn’t have to be boring or involve major alteration. Use raised garden beds or planter boxes instead of planting directly into the earth – these will protect your produce, allow for proper drainage, and be pleasing to look at.

5. Plant vertically:

We’ve spoken about the versatility and ease of vertical gardens before – read more here. Frankly, we can’t say enough about this clever way to grow and display everything from orchids to herbs. And they’re perfect if your outdoor space is limited. 

6. A place to rest:

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, create an inviting pause area for guests to stop and smell the roses. Place a bench with comfortable cushions under a shady tree or invest a little more and build a shaded pergola for outdoor entertaining.

7. Accessorise:

Take a look at how your outdoor space is decorated. Is it too sparse or are your ornaments and décor out of date and out of touch? Hanging candle holders, modern bird baths, select statues – used correctly and in line with your chosen theme, these elements can enhance your garden, drawing the eye and bringing beauty and interest to a previously boring scene.

8. Recycle with style:

We should all be recycling but that doesn’t mean a few ugly bins or a pile of boxes hidden round the corner of your house or down the garden path. Take time to build a dedicated recycling centre with colour-coded bins and a structured layout. This way your garden can be eco-friendly and still stylish.

9. Take a walk:

Laying a path doesn’t have to mean tearing up your lawn. Various materials (wooden pallets, flagstones, gravel, paving stones) and methods mean this can be a much easier undertaking that you’d imagine. A path can lead to a feature area or encourage visitors to explore your garden further. They also add depth, flow, and structure to outdoor spaces. 

10. Showers aren’t just for indoors:

If your space allows it, and you have enough privacy, consider installing an outdoor shower. These can be particularly useful if you have children who enjoy playing outside, or a swimming pool in your garden. Or you can use it after you’ve finished gardening. Or just because it’s an outdoor shower! And a bonus – run-off from the shower can be used to water the garden.

Starting a new garden project can be lots of fun but it can also be time-consuming and taxing. Have great ideas but not sure how to implement them? Or need help choosing an idea that will work for your outdoor space?

Get expert advice from a landscaping team – their knowledge will make all the difference when it comes to transforming your outdoor space.