Greening The Dolphin Coast One Tree At A Time

Creating that low plant garden can be beneficial for you and your garden; you can have easy-care plants that are low maintenance and great to nurture. 

Here's how you can create your own low plant garden: 


  • A handful of hand chosen Tree Aloes also known as Aloe Barbarae
  • Compost to plant with
  • Bidim cloth to cover the soil
  • Slabs of slate or slasto stone


  1. Prepare the soil by removing any existing weed, grass or plant material.
  2. Dig large holes for the tree aloes and enrich the holes with compost and fertilise.
  3. Plant the tree aloes.
  4. Cover the soil in the shape of the bed with bidim cloth.
  5. Lay the slate or slasto stone haphazardly over the bidim cloth in such a way that the cloth is covered.
  6. Done! You have your low plant garden lavishly created! 

At Eco Balance Landscaping you can get your own low plant garden created for you.