New year ahead – new looks for your office park garden

Like any other creative art, gardening is influenced by trends in fashion and design. If you are a gardener, you’ll know that no look stays in vogue forever. So, as it’s a new year, it’s time to change things up a bit and get a new look for your office park garden.

Want to refresh your outdoor space at work? Want to give your employees a change of scenery just outside their office door?

Here are some on-trend ideas to create a new look for your office park garden in 2017:

1. Go vintage

Along with hipsters and records, there is a renewed interested in the past in gardening circles. This means fewer straight, minimalist lines and more DIY, old-fashioned vibes. Think reclaimed furniture, up-cycled gardening items like wheelbarrows being used as planters, and the use of organic materials such as wood and stone.

2. Keep things indigenous

The move towards gardens that use local plants and designs has increased over the last few years. So, this isn’t necessarily a new trend but it is one that is gaining in popularity with every passing year. And why not? Indigenous gardens are eco-friendly, encouraging to local bird and animal life, water-wise, and low maintenance. Take it one step further by having each plant in your garden be a plant from the same ecosystem – this is called hyper-localism and it’s big in 2017.

3. Colour things up

Colour blocking is a major trend in fashion – it involves combining contrasting colours in bold blocks to make a strong statement. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it will add energy and vibrancy to your outdoor space. Work in large blocks or lines and use contrasting colours for maximum impact. Get a professional landscaper to help and together you can create an office park garden that’s a natural extension of your organisation’s look and feel.

4. No more lawn

Lawns require lots of maintenance, food, and water to look good – so important when it comes to an office park where the outdoor space is often your visitor’s first impression of your organisation. Unless you feel your garden would be incomplete with a large grass area, replace it! There are several on-trend surfaces that might better suit the purpose of your outdoor space. Examples include faux lawn, flagstones, concrete, and gravel.

5. A play space for all

Playing outdoors is no longer reserved for children. Studies have shown that individuals of all ages benefit from time spent outdoors, whether walking down a garden path or working in a veggie garden. And the art of play is particularly important for stimulating productivity and creativity. Whether at home or at the office, there are several ways to introduce play into your outdoor space – think a boules green, adventure golf area, badminton net, trampoline, splash pool, or hammocks. Playing is so much more fun than weeding!

Feel inspired to refresh your office park garden?

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